NYSDEC-Permitted Transfer Facility

AB Environmental owns and operates a NYS DEC Part 360 permitted non-hazardous waste receiving facility centrally located on Long Island in Bohemia, NY. AB Environmental erected this facility in 1995 and has operated it since that time under the guidelines of the many governing agencies that oversee and regulate its daily operations. The fact that we own and operate our facility and don't depend on using third party facilities for the waste streams AB Environmental can receive and transfer enables the Company to control costs and offer very competitive prices. The Commpany takes pride in the fact that all of the wastes received at the facility are handled and recycled or disposed of properly.

AB Environmental has also developed and written a custom waste tracking software which digitally records, stores and tracks thousands of generators and their waste streams. As a result, AB Environmental is able to provide various reports, such as waste description, volume generated, volume shipped, receiving facility, and date. AB Environmental, by owning this software, also has the capability of customizing the program to reflect the specific requirements of our clients.

If so directed by our clients, and once proper protocols are in place, AB Environmental can accept approved waste streams for consolidation from its clients; Utilizing our strategically located facility in this manner the Company can reduce transportation distances, reduce the risk of environmental incidents, and reduce overall costs thereby providing value to its customers. With an annual capacity of 4.5 million gallons and four thousand tons, AB Environmental is one of a very few permitted facilities on Long Island that can legally offer this value-added service.

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