24 Hour Emergency Spill Response & Cleanup Services

ABE's 24 hour emergency spill response offers a swift, safe, thorough, and effective response to a wide range of petroleum, chemical, and bio-hazard releases within the New York Metropolitan area. If it is an emergency spill ABE should be the only phone call you have to make. Our clients range from residential, commercial, and industrial to municipalities, utilities, and governmental agencies. Our hazardous materials emergency response team personnel have the capabilities, equipment and expertise to contain and remediate the release, thereby limiting damage to your property and the environment.

Our unique ability to control a HAZMAT event with a host of readily available resources puts us in the forefront of environmental technology. ABE's modern fleet of Vacuum, Guzzler, and Tanker Trucks affords us a dynamic solution to any type of situation. The operators using the trucks are experienced with spill response and genuinely care about getting your spill cleaned up quickly, neatly and with your safety at the top of our priority list. Whether it's liquid or harmful vapors ABE's operators will keep you and your loved ones safe and sound while we remedy the situation.

Our OSHA / HAZWOPER trained staff and specialized equipment complement our in house maintained fleet of mobile response trucks. Our management staff, compliance experts and emergency responders are prepared to meet today's environmental challenges and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Remember, if you have a spill call ABE before the situation goes down hill!


  • 24 Hour a Day - 7 Day a Week Availability
  • Prompt & Qualified Response
  • Petroleum / Chemical / Bio-hazard Spills
  • Transformer Spill / Decommissioning / Removal
  • Transportation & Disposal Services
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Project Management & Liaison with Regulatory Agencies
  • Site Remediation