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COVANTA Energy recently issued its coveted Environmental Achievement Award to AB Environmental.


COVANTA Energy, an international and industry leading Energy-from-Waste and Materials Processing corporation, recently issued its coveted Environmental Achievement Award to AB Environmental.

The oily debris materials brought by AB to Covanta in 2016 alone saved over 1,540 barrels of fuel oil, and generated over 848.2 MWh of renewable energy. That's enough to power 75 homes for a year! Pictured: Covanta's Bill Perkins, Environmental Solutions Manager, presents the Environmental Achievement Award to AB's Christine Mazzarella, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager.


Hazardous waste disposal is a critical task. One misstep, and not only are you placing your operations at risk, but you can seriously compromise the health and safety of others. Learn about five of the most common waste management mistakes and how to avoid them.


How to handle Bio-Hazard Spills According to Emergency Spill Response Companies

Chemicals in the work environment are commonplace. However, failure to understand the hazards they bring can lead to accidents, costly clean-up, or property losses. This is why the safe handling of chemicals is essential. Luckily, emergency spill response companies are always ready to handle these situations and get everything back into place.



Things You Need to Know about Hazardous Waste Disposal Profiles

The EPA has numerous requirements and procedures when it comes to hazardous waste disposal. One of these is a Hazardous Waste Profile. Known in the past as a waste characterization profile, having a complete Hazardous Waste Profile is essential to any company disposing of hazardous waste.


How the Different Types of Solid Waste Management near Me Help in Environmental Cleanup

Various companies that promote solid waste management near me have one goal: to protect the environment and the health of the population. Implementing an excellent waste management scheme and incorporating the services of a team of professionals is vital for the sustainability of the environment.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Equipment for Hazardous Waste Disposal

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Environmental remediation companies help businesses maintain an efficient waste control system. To streamline all processes, it is imperative that they use the right equipment for smart, cost-effective hazardous waste disposal.

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