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About Us


Company Overview
Established in 1980, AB Environmental (ABE) has been servicing the environmental industry for 30 years. The company's corporate office is a NYSDEC permitted part 360 facility and is centrally located in Bohemia, NY. ABE's 30 years of experience are comprised of specialization in a wide range of environmental services, environmental compliance, and emergency response. ABE consists of over 50 key personnel including operations managers, health and safety officers, accounting officers, equipment operators and trained hazmat technicians.

ABE is fully equipped with a fleet of 24 hour radio dispatched DOT Permitted Guzzlers, Vacuum Tankers, Trailers, Excavators and Utility Trucks. ABE is staffed with experienced equipment operators who understand industrial waste, transportation and the strict regulatory aspects of their work. Additionally, ABE carries general, professional & pollution liability insurance that well exceeds industry standards.

Industries Serviced
ABE is currently servicing a wide range of industries including: engineering / consulting, utilities, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, transportation, municipality, government, property management, education, refinery/petroleum, automotive, developers, and construction.


To Our Customers:
Provide professional environmental services using state of the art equipment and innovative methods. We strive to exceed our customer expectations, professionally and personally.

To Our Employees:
The safety of our employees is our greatest concern and is of paramount importance to us. We strive to teach, train and develop our employees professionally and personally.

To Our Community:
We are making every effort to improve lives and businesses throughout New York by cleaning up our environment, recycling resources and clearing the way for future developments.


Since 1995, AB Environmental has owned and operated a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation permitted part 360 interim storage facility.

The features of this facility include the ability to accept contaminated non-hazardous materials such as used oils, contaminated soils, debris and liquid waste in drums, tankers, or roll-off containers. These materials may be transported by AB Environmental or brought in by outside vendors.

This interim storage facility allows AB Environmental the ability to temporarily bulk specific materials for subsequent disposal in larger quantities. This practice results in lower transportation and disposal costs to our customers.

Since its inception, this facility has an impeccable compliance record. Our reputation among various governmental agencies is held in high regard for over fifteen years. Facility operations are also managed through our computerized waste tracking system. This system documents every shipment received or shipped and stores the information directly to the clients history file for future reference as needed.

As well as our main facility location, AB Environmental also maintains satellite offices in Queens and Westchester, New York.

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